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In-person Appointments

The best way to get started on your healing journey is to book an initial in-person session. The session will include time to review your health history and your goals. Assessments will vary according to your goals but will always include hands-on assessment of physical and energetic strain patterns. This is followed by an initial treatment which allows me to see how you respond to treatment and further develop an appropriate treatment plan. You are welcome to ask questions throughout the session. We will review your session and treatment plan before you leave.

Speakers Series & Workshops

I speak on a wide variety of health and wellness related topics and love to share my knowledge on all things related to healing and transformation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Management (COMING SOON!)

Wednesday evenings at The Center for Movement, Weymouth

This class is open to everyone interested in learning -and practicing- the benefits of meditation in your daily life. Walk-ins welcome. Check the calendar at:

The fee is by donation and proceeds are given to support programming at the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, MA. You may also donate directly to the New England Wildlife Center at

Heal Yourself with Your Own Two Hands: Neuro-Fascial Process (NFP) for Self-Healing (BY REQUEST)

Do you ever wish you could heal yourself? Now you can.

Learn hands on healing techniques that you can do for yourself to improve your health and wellness with Heather Mulcahey, Occupational Therapist and Certified Integrative Manual Therapist.

These techniques are based on traditional Eastern hands-on healing techniques, updated with modern Western medical knowledge. Learn over 17 process centers, what they do, how to locate them on your own body, and how you can work with them for your own healing.

Learn protocols to:


Facilitate detoxification and elimination


Improve neurologic function


Improve digestive health


Improve endocrine function


Improve overall vitality and energy

Integrative Manual Therapy and Pilates (By Request)

Please join Jen Piper, Classical Pilates Instructor and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, and Heather Mulcahey, Occupational Therapist and Certified Integrative Manual Therapist, for this extraordinary opportunity to experience the transformative combination of Integrative Manual Therapy with Pilates floor exercises to balance and strengthen your deep core support structure. You will leave with a new understanding of how your nervous system affects your posture and muscle tone to maintain equilibrium.

The training begins with instruction and guidance in a simple but powerful Integrative Manual Therapy hands-on self-treatment protocol with NeuroFascial Process (NFP) to balance the nervous system and bring each person into their body-mind’s ideal state. Each participant can then experience treatment with strain-counterstrain to reduce muscle strain and reduce chronic holding patterns at the pelvic floor, the respiratory diaphragm and the thoracic inlet. When these key muscle groups are relaxed the entire body is the most receptive to change, and most able to reassess habitual patterning.

Following the hands-on section of the course, Jen guides participants through an exploration of the Pilates basic mat system. The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, developed by Joseph Pilates, is an effective core exercise regime which promotes ease in the body through the balance of physical strength and flexibility.

Each participant leaves with new tools to continue their healing journey with a home program that combines balancing the nervous system and strengthening the entire body through two extraordinary modalities of Integrative Manual Therapy and Pilates.

IMT Training for Healing Practitioners

I am an approved instructor for Manual Therapy Seminars to provide training in Integrative Manual Therapy™ including Strain and CounterStrain, Myofascial Release, Cranial Therapy Series, and many other modalities. Classes can be custom-designed around a requested topic or for a specific group of students.

Healing & Transformation Subscription Video Series

Coming soon! Subscribe to gain access to this series of 10 videos, released monthly. Each month introduces a new topic to support all the necessary components for (self) healing and transformation. Videos are released on my YouTube channel.

Resources & Recommendations


Austin Air Systems

If you feel you would benefit from cleaner air in your home or workplace, please consider Austin Air Systems. Austin Air Purifiers are clinically proven to be the most effective at removing chemicals and VOCs from the environment. These are ideally placed in the bedroom, a child’s room or office. I am approved to offer a significant discount to clients who order through me.

“My Austin Air Purifier was waiting for me when I got home last night! I plugged it in right away and ran it on high all night. Slept amazing! First time I woke up without stuffiness and congestion in I don’t know how long!!! Thank you!” A.L.

Learn more:

Standard Process

Clients who work with me have the option to add personalized whole food nutrition into their plan of care with Standard Process brand nutritional supplements. I use multiple on-body testing methods to assess a client’s individual response to each formula.

Check out their website:


Acupuncture is a wonderful complement to Integrative Manual Therapy. My office partner, Allison Blaisdell is an advanced practitioner and offers acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and hypnosis.

Erica Lee, the internationally recognized Psychic Medium, offers a unique healing opportunity to connect with Spirit. She offers appointments both online and in person:


I’m a knowledge junkie and a former English major, so books are a passion!

  • You Are the Placebo, Joe Dispenza
  • Becoming Supernatural, Joe Dispenza
  • Engaging Resilience: heal the physical impact of emotional trauma, Lissa Wheeler
    (this book is written as a guide for bodywork practitioners but many clients have found it helpful to understand the process of healing trauma.)
  • Against all Grain, Danielle Walker (cookbook)
  • The Healing Kitchen, Alaena Haber and Sarah Ballantyne (cookbook)
  • Children of the Self Absorbed: a Grownup’s Guide to Getting Over Narcissistic Parents, Nina W. Brown
  • The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine, Ted J. Kaptchuk
  • A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course In Miracles, Marianne Williamson
  • Bhagavad Gita, Stephen Mitchell
  • Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • A Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are, Byron Katie
  • The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Eckhart Tolle
  • A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle

I feel we learn so much from recognizing ourselves in others’ experiences. That is one reason I read memoirs. Here a few favorites.

  • Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Coast Trail, Cheryl Strayed

  • This Boy’s Life, Tobias Wolff

  • The Glass Castle, Jeanette Walls

  • Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert

  • Just Kids, Patti Smith

Success Stories

"My health concerns were a mystery to other doctors, but Heather was able to detect signs of tick-borne infection and the presence of other viruses and bacteria that were previously undetected by other medical tests. It is mind-blowing to witness Heather's skill and sensitivity at tuning in to what my body needs."


"One thing I really liked was that she includes a lot of training in self-care, like mindfulness meditation, and even hands-on self-healing “homework”. I learned a lot about myself, my body and my ability to heal. I felt like she really listened to what was important to me and that my goals were her goals."


"First our child was sleeping better, then eating better, and finally self-regulating her emotions. We feel like Heather gave us our family back. We are now able to go for “tune ups” when needed. Heather has an amazing approach. She is knowledgeable, professional and kind. We highly recommend her services."

- K.B.