I hope this update finds you and your loved ones are well during these unprecedented times. I am deeply touched by the number of people who have reached out to me to check in and stay connected. Whether we have spoken or not, I have been holding space for you all in my daily prayers and meditations.

I feel like March was two years ago rather than two months ago. As an occupational therapist, categorized as “essential”, I thought I was shutting the office for two weeks, to flatten the curve and preserve PPE.  Two weeks quickly turned into a month. I used that time to put excellent office management systems in place, and also to make sure I was able to meet people from a calm, balanced energy (and a calm, balanced nervous system).

I have been available by request to treat my established clients who reached out to me and were reporting difficulty. This included the extraordinary levels of anxiety that triggered panic attacks and even post traumatic stress syndrome from past events to re-surface. One client underwent emergency surgery just as the Pandemic was announced. Others have chronic conditions that continue to need management so that they can continue to work and care for family as expected.

Are you familiar with the screening questions? This is the new routine.

Before coming to your appointment,

Have you experienced flu or flu-like symptoms?

Do you have a temperature greater than 99.9?

Have you been traveling, either out of the country or out of Massachusetts, and been asked to quarantine at home?
Have you, or any close contact, been tested for Covid 19?

We can reschedule, or move your appointment to an online Zoom session, if needed.

I have updated office procedures and protocols to exceed the recommendations and guidelines of the CDC and other governing agencies. https://bit.ly/2yIhj3U  I am happy to report that the Austin Air System in my treatment room does remove greater than 95% of virus of the size of Covid 19, and in real terms is expected to remove virtually all virus from the environment when run continuously. In addition, we have purchased an ozone generator which is run on a timer every evening in order to reduce or eliminate all pathogens on every surface- walls, rugs, hard and soft surfaces.

I continue to change the linen between each client, and now I also wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant. In addition, I now change my own smock between clients, and change my mask for a fresh one. I’ve always been a hand washer, and now even more so.

When you arrive for an appointment, I will open the building and office doors so that you do not have to. When you enter the office you have to choice of washing your hands and/ or applying hand sanitizer. I wear a mask through out the entire day, and I request that you also bring a face covering of your choice. If you forget, I will have masks available in the office. The water cooler has been removed. The admin office is closed.

By scheduling and paying through my new, secure online system (new website!! www.HeatherMulcahey.com), we can reduce the number of items and areas that need to be disinfected between clients. We are also coordinating schedules between practitioners in the office so that clients will not encounter each other. There will rarely, if ever, be another client in the office at the time of your treatment session. I have increased the time between patients to 20 minutes. If that needs to increase to 30 minutes, that is what I will do.

I realize this is a lot of information, and that you may not feel ready to engage at this time.

That is fine!

I am available to support you in whatever way feels appropriate.

Whether the time is right for you to return to in-office, in-person treatment.

Whether it feels better to try telephone or online Zoom sessions for nutrition consults, clinical hypnotherapy sessions for guided self-healing, or distance energy medicine and intuitive healing. We can combine whichever modalities feel right to you.

You have been reaching out to ask for support and I am available to help you in many different ways. I am here to support you. 

Sending love and light, as well as practical CDC approved guidelines…