Heather Mulcahey

Healing & Transformation

My Approach to Healing

I’ve spent more than twenty years mastering the most effective hands-on therapy techniques as well as advanced energy medicine skills. My mission is to provide exceptional results for clients with a BodyMind approach to healing. I assess strain patterns in the body’s various systems and apply Integrative Manual Therapy techniques to restore optimal balance and function.

My Practice

My practice integrates three distinct areas of expertise:

A traditionally trained occupational therapist with experience working in hospitals, outpatient clinics and nursing homes

Certification in Integrative Manual Therapy and advanced training in additional manual therapy and energy healing modalities

Extensive training in mindfulness meditation and other contemplative spiritual practices

Who Can Benefit?

I genuinely believe that everyone can benefit from healing work. People are most motivated to recover from illness or injury, but healing is possible in all areas of mind, body, spirit and emotions. I work with both children and adults to address:


Chronic Lyme


Immune System and Autoimmune Disorders


Chronic Stress, Anxiety and PTSD


Cardiac Issues


Chronic Pain including Neck Pain, Back Pain and Joint Pain


Digestion Issues


Concussion and Neurologic Issues

Success Stories

"My health concerns were a mystery to other doctors, but Heather was able to detect signs of tick-borne infection and the presence of other viruses and bacteria that were previously undetected by other medical tests. It is mind-blowing to witness Heather's skill and sensitivity at tuning in to what my body needs."


"One thing I really liked was that she includes a lot of training in self-care, like mindfulness meditation, and even hands-on self-healing “homework”. I learned a lot about myself, my body and my ability to heal. I felt like she really listened to what was important to me and that my goals were her goals."


"First our child was sleeping better, then eating better, and finally self-regulating her emotions. We feel like Heather gave us our family back. We are now able to go for “tune ups” when needed. Heather has an amazing approach. She is knowledgeable, professional and kind. We highly recommend her services."

- K.B.